Decade 3 of living with Crohns, time to share with the world the things I have learnt to help myself to calm a dis ease that I have struggled with since the age of 14. Come with me on a journey of discovery to examine:

  • What you EAT and drink
  • YOGA as a pill popping substitute and over-all relaxer
  • MEDITATION as a morning ritual and mantras to ease pain and panic
  • MIND over matter – not sweating the small stuff
  • KEEP CALM and know that any dis ease is not you

“treat dis ease like a friend who showed up and doesn’t want to leave, so let’s accommodate, tolerate, give a helping hand and CARRY ON.”

You, and you alone possess the tools to help yourself, each of us is unique and the tools we need in our toolbox to help to mend will differ. To help you on your journey, I’m going to share with you some of the pearls of wisdom that have fallen into my lap along the way from far off lands to right here on my doorstep in London.

I invite you to use a lifetime of learnings to create your own toolbox to help yourself to live a full life, as pain free as possible.

I will also be encouraging you to join me in CALLS TO ACTION to encourage retailers to enable those with special diets that don’t have a label like ‘coeliac’ to buy food we can eat in shops and to be accommodated in restaurants. Let’s encourage society to understand that there are intolerances and dietary requirements beyond gluten, dairy, nuts, etc that can’t be pigeonholed. SIZE MATTERS with Crohn’s, one size does not fit all and I encourage you to start to find out what will help you to live your life to the fullest and in the process, a side effect of calming Crohn’s.