This New Year Just Be You

First up, Happy New Year!

As promised, this blog is the second of a two-parter. The first part was a stock check to mark the end of 2017. This second part is to herald the start of the New Year.

Ditch the commercial pressure to be a ‘new’ you….

As touched upon in my last blog, there is so much pressure in society these days to be a ‘new you,’ ‘a better you,’ ‘a different shaped or sized you’ and the list goes on. All of this  presupposes the need to change….when you are fine just the way you are.

Rather than making resolutions this year I have decided to focus on being in tune with myself and what serves me and doing more of the things I love. If you need a helping hand on how you might do this, you might want to look within.

For some time, I have been working on a daily meditation practice, which I end with a life affirming mantra that derives from The Three Wise Monkeys:

speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil”

I have reframed it into the following:

Hear all good (whilst this is a little difficult in the world we live in try to limit the amount of ‘bad’ news you absorb and if you hear bitching try to change the subject or not engage in it)

See all good (like the above this isn’t always easy to achieve but try to see the good in people where others might see bad and try wherever you’re able, to forgive)

Speak all good (try to focus on saying positive things – if you want to say something that isn’t positive think before you speak and if appropriate try to filter what you say so that it might have a positive effect. I’m not encouraging you not to speak your mind as there will of course be times where it’s appropriate to do so)

Think all good (try to be the silent observer of your thoughts – when you think negative thoughts try your best to stop the train of thoughts and change the channel – change it to thoughts that interest and motivate you and make you happy)

Feel all good (use this as an internal compass to feel good about yourself regardless of how you are feeling. It helps to place your hand on your heart when you do this to flood the body with endorphins)

Am all good (summing up all of the above life affirming statements tell yourself each day that you are good, that all is good and that you are safe, loved and protected in all that you do.

If you decide to do one thing this year don’t succumb to feeling that you need to change, just be yourself. What it might be helpful to do is to get to know yourself a little better by taking time to dive within yourself to get in touch with who you really are, what you love and what you want to spend more of your time doing and if it feels right, put thought into action and actually ‘do’ it.




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