Delicious non-oily Yorkshire pud @ The Sail Loft, Greenwich


My relationship with the traditional roast dinner partner, Yorkshire pud is back on – really? Really!! Courtesy of the Sail Loft in Greenwich.

You may be ok with fats and oils. For me, it’s often a trigger, so whilst I might tolerate food in a restaurant, sometimes I can’t tolerate the oil they use which can make eating out rather precarious.

So, on Sunday, a delicious looking Yorkshire pud came standard with a chicken roast. I left it there, staring at it longingly, lusting after it – trying to ignore the cravings to devour it. And then I thought – oh just try it, today might be different.

And it WAS different. It wasn’t oily. It was positively dry, but in a good way, more like a delicious puffed up cake. And, low and behold, all was well.

Next time I’m at the Sail Loft I’ll ask them for the recipe to go into the ‘potentially safe, try it and see’ folder of your toolbox.

How about asking your local pub to bake a lower oil version of the Yorkshire pud?? Worth a try folks….

Please do check back in and let us know if you have positive results like this with Yorkshire pud or any other food!!


One thought on “Delicious non-oily Yorkshire pud @ The Sail Loft, Greenwich

  1. Pubs and restaurants cater for vegetarians so why not expand their horizons to cater for and help Chrons sufferers. I like what your doing for a step change towards setting up an awareness campaign to help people not only live with and calm their Chrons symptoms but enjoy what they eat without being ill. Together we can make a difference.


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