Healing pancakes for breakfast anyone?

Healthy and healing pancakes, really?

I suspect you are reading this thinking pancakes, healthy, really? …. It’s all true, gluten free pancakes, made from a fruit/vegetable that apparently has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties. I know! I, too was over the moon when I discovered these delightful morsels of healing deliciousness.

And the weird science?

The University of Liverpool did some research into plantain and that, together with the way I feel afterwards, gives this recipe my vote, and a place in the top 10 healing foods for my S.O.S food kit. You can find out more about the research and anti-inflammatory science here:


Breakfast like a king

They say breakfast is the meal of champions. I’d second that – to me its by far the most important meal of the day. Just like the Lemon Ginger Turmeric Elexir that I blogged about last month, it sets me up for the day ahead.

Eggs, as you know, can be quite acidic and there are mixed messages on whether they are good for us or not. The yolk is apparently better for the gut and we’ve all heard that the egg white is better for our hearts. However, I personally find eggs a good and easily digestible form of protein. See how you cope with eggs. As I’m not feeling that great this morning – both lower and upper tracts are irritated I’m going to my S.O.S foods for the next 24 hours (including chicken broth).

Whats not to love about a Caribbean breakfast?

My S.O.S breakfast/brunch hails from the far off shores of the Caribbean and when I make these delicious morsels of gutsy goodness I am transported to the shores of Tulum in Mexico where I first tried them at the Real Coconut restaurant at Sanara, Tulum.


Ingredients (for easy version)

1 large (v ripe) yellow plantain (mashed)

2-3 desert spoons of organic coconut flour

1 egg (optional) – you may need an extra spoonful of coconut flour if you add an egg – if the mixture becomes too dry you can add a splash of coconut milk.

coconut oil

To bind the pancakes together it is better to add an egg but sometimes I prefer this as an opportunity to skip eggs (to manage your expectations, they do not hold together as well with ut an egg) but they still form, you just need to handle them more delicately whilst cooking as the mixture spreads quite easily.


Mix the ingredients together (except the coconut oil). It isn’t necessary to smooth out all chunks of banana. Heat a little coconut oil in a frying / crepe pan and when hot add 5/6 dollops of the mixture, spread the dollops around the pan to allow room for them to expand. As this is banana, do make sure they don’t burn. Keep watching them – after a few minutes see if they have taken shape enough to slide a knife under them – if they have carefully flip them over. Cook until brown on both sides.

Need more sweetness?

The banana makes the pancakes taste naturally sweet anyway – if, however, you are feeling indulgent or, naughty (and are well enough to cope with sugar)? add raw honey or Canadian maple syrup.

Where can you buy plantain?

This is the slight spoiler….not many of the big food chains sell them (yet). In cities, many small independent grocers and Caribbean/Asian stores do. Why not speak to the manager of your local store and ask them to stock them……. Some branches of Tesco sell them too. Let’s hope one day, more places sell this delicious, healing ‘mother of a’ banana.








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