Mind over matter

We use this expression quite a lot don’t we. We often say it to encourage ourselves, or others, to overcome obstacles in life. I encourage you to spend some time thinking about how these three simple words might help to build your toolbox to Calm crohns, or any other physical challenge you are experiencing.  Have a think about what you can incorporate into your daily routine to encourage ‘mind over matter’?

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just tuning into your mind, switching the lights on and having a good look around.

For me personally, a daily morning meditation helps me to overcome obstacles or curve balls that come at me during the day. I’m so hooked on this daily exercise for my mind that I feel out of sorts  if I don’t do it!

Mantra madness

We hear a lot about mantras, and mantras are wonderful to use as a meditation. Have a think about mantras that might help you get through what you are experiencing. You can even make up your own mantras!

One of my all time faves was taught to me by my wonderful yoga teacher, David leFebvre Sell, who often encourages us that a tough yoga position won’t last forever……

‘This too shall pass’

This has become my S.O.S mantra – if it’s a stuck in the bathroom day, or, a day of intense pain or suffering, I repeat this mantra to myself. And, do you know what? It has always come true. I did leave the bathroom, the pain and suffering did pass and putting mind over matter made all the difference.


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