Dairy, dairy quite contrary: How does milk affect your gut?

You? me, and so many others are discovering that we can’t tolerate dairy, or, some forms of dairy. My biggest concern is cow’s MILK. People have allergies to milk, intolerances and for some, they decide another form of milk suits them better.

Margaret Thatcher gave us milk

If you are of my generation we were force fed the stuff at primary school. I can remember sitting down for a break and having a glass of milk. Then she took it away…..Rest assured, this isn’t a political rant,  it is encouraging you to think about whether cow’s milk is good for you and whether there is something out there that better supports your body and may calm Crohn’s.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Q: What’s good in cow’s milk?

A: CALCIUM but you can get calcium elsewhere through other food sources, supplements or an alternative milk with added calcium.

Q: What’s bad in cow’s milk?

A: For some Crohn’s sufferers lactose cannot be tolerated – it can be difficult to digest and can cause nausea, cramps, gas, bloating and the inevitable Crohn’s affliction (let’s call it turning on the bottom tap).

Q: What else is bad?

A: Well let’s see, there’s antibiotics, saturated fat…..do you need me to go on?

Q: And the ugly?

A: There is no proof or evidence to support this and I am not advocating any such position but some claim it can be linked to certain illnesses.

So, now that you return your shop bought latte to the table with that rumble in your tummy, you are probably wondering what we should or can drink (especially outside, on the go). Many of you are already probably drinking an alternative milk, be it rice, almond, soya, or coconut. Tune in for my next blog which will delve deeper into the alternative milks. For my fave milk, the clue is in the picture…….









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